Posted by: brandonrogers | November 25, 2009

gnosticism: why American history fears and loves the material

The history of our culture feared the material and thought it was some how unimportant. The cities loved excessive carnality. Protestant Christianity feared the material as harmful to the immaterial soul. Protestantism was so influential to the shaping of American culture, this is why our culture was able to produce a film like the Matrix — which whole premise was based on the idea that the material world is a deception, the world of appearance — the Matrix.


In fact, in the Matrix the real world is a dismal place, but the Matrix gives a false appearance of pristine and peace.

Gnosticism drove Western culture to divide the material and spiritual realm — for good or ill. And to think the material world was not the real world. This of course led to backlashes in culture, to those who radically opposed immaterialism (materialists and commercialism) and to those who rejected the material. From these extremes, we get the mixture which made America.


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