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Can Obama actually accomplish his goals in 18 months?

Is this a lead-on to get the American people on board on a small-scale — in order to keep troops in it for a much longer haul, without having to up front with this. Hopefully for the accomplishing the goals.

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Why is Obama supporting such a strong foreign policy?

Did Obama say “capture and kill” every terrorist abroad. Sound more like a military tribunal than a civilian court trial.

Towards the end of the speech he seems to support the US strong foreign policy throughout the cold war and through the Reagan era?

Overall, this is very good news that might actually do whatever is actually needed to win the War: O’Reilly thinks Obama’s words mean that he will not bring troops home if the war demands they stay.

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gnosticism: why American history fears and loves the material

The history of our culture feared the material and thought it was some how unimportant. The cities loved excessive carnality. Protestant Christianity feared the material as harmful to the immaterial soul. Protestantism was so influential to the shaping of American culture, this is why our culture was able to produce a film like the Matrix — which whole premise was based on the idea that the material world is a deception, the world of appearance — the Matrix.


In fact, in the Matrix the real world is a dismal place, but the Matrix gives a false appearance of pristine and peace.

Gnosticism drove Western culture to divide the material and spiritual realm — for good or ill. And to think the material world was not the real world. This of course led to backlashes in culture, to those who radically opposed immaterialism (materialists and commercialism) and to those who rejected the material. From these extremes, we get the mixture which made America.

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Obama brings out the Oligarchy

Pro-Life Movie Touted for Potential Impact on Election, Abortion Views: “as well as approximately 40 homeschooled students from across the country, ‘Come What May’ is the maiden project of Advent Film Group (AFG), a faith-based film production and distribution corporation founded by filmmaker George Escobar. the rest”

(Via – Today’s Christian News Online: Blog Reactions ….)

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Crash of the West

I’ve been saying the West was built on a vicious faulty philsophical sysytem … look here is the crash of the West. Now the West turns to something new — state owned and regulated economies.
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The Crash of the Modern Project

The project is to show that Sociology’s foundation upon Positivism, a species of Conventionalism, is an inadequate grounding for Sociology’s project. Positivism implies the negation of Sociology’s goal; namely, it implies the impossibility of knowing the proper order or Society that facilitates the proper function of individual human psychology. This is because Positivism, as all Conventionalism for that matter, implies the impossibility of knowing the proper function of human psychology.

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